Encore Jewellery: Creations From Recycled Instrument Strings

Do you play a string instrument and ever wonder what you could do with those broken strings? Dawn Silver at Encore Jewellery in St. Peters creates unique jewellery and home decor items from recycled instrument strings.

Encore Jewellery has been in business for five years, and Dawn has used strings from Cape Breton fiddler Ashley MacIsaac, and Bruce Watson, the lead guitar player for Foreigner. Dawn’s most popular item is the Celtic Knot pendant, while her favourite piece is a woven guitar string basket.

Dawn finds creating custom items the most rewarding. People will often bring her used strings from a family member or a local musician, and commission her to create an original piece as a remembrance.


Dawn’s creations are available online at EncoreJewel.com and at local fairs and events.

Location Information:

Encore Jewellery
10101 Grenville St.
St. Peter's, Nova Scotia
B0E 3B0


Email: [email protected]


For more information visit the Encore Jewellery website at:

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