Examples of Extreme Weather in Cape Breton - From Mesonet Achieve

A question has popped up: What are examples of extreme wind and rain for Cape Breton?

I looked at the ARCHIVE DATA button on a number of Mesonet weather stations and presented a few events from those stations.

Lots of history of events with wind and rain.

150 km to 177 km wind events in the Les Suetes belt emerge and that is with less than a year worth of data at those stations.

(NASA Cover Photo - Dorian on Route to Nova Scotia as captured by  Fred Baechler) 


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What are examples of extreme wind and rain for Cape Breton?
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Randy Pointkoski My Post Follow Me
Station Data since Extreme wind Dorian Site Wind kmh Date Grand Etang - Extreme Dec, 2018 172.2 February 25, 2019 154 typical bay st lawrence - Extreme 2017 135.2 November 10, 2018 146 site high St Joseph du Moine - Extreme 2018 177 January 9, 2019 132 typical Iona (port)- 2nd Extr 2017 122.3 January 5, 2018 128 (highland village) Iona (port) - Extreme 2017 128.7 December 25, 2017 119 3rd high for site Cheticamp - Extreme 2013 141.6 January 4, 2018 117 typical St Andrews Channel - Extreme 2013 103.8 January 12, 2014 91.7 sydney mines - Extreme 2008 101.4 December 14, 2010 90.1
Joe Ward Follow Me
I see that there are updated Dorian windspeeds on the Cape Breton Weather Mesonet website. Very interesting! There was certainly a lot of damage from treefall despite the winds seemingly not quite as high as anticipated.

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