Explaining Cape Breton's Windmill-Destroying Suête Winds [VIDEO]

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A short documentary by filmmaker Neal Livingston shows the force of the Suête wind phenomenon in Western Cape Breton.
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Richard Lorway Follow Me
Oh my lord. This is insane! I've had 2 additional thoughts: 1) I want to experience this firsthand at some point in my life. 2) Are there others who would also like to feel the power of Les Suetes? If so, then there may be an "adventure tourism" opportunity here. If this phenomenon is truly rare or unique, then perhaps it can be marketed. I mean, there are folks who chase tornadoes and other types of extreme weather.
Joe Ward Follow Me
Kite surfing or hang gliding during Les Suêtes might not be the best idea. :)
Richard Lorway Follow Me
I figure you tether yourself to the ground with a good strong rope or steel cable, put on one of them "squirrel suits," and then open your arms and jump! You'd be a human kite!

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