Favorite Flowers for CB Climate: Rudbeckia Laciniata - Autumn Sun

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We moved into our home about 6 years ago.  I am a hobby gardener.. with only a bit of time, and smallish space that I can spare for my plants.  But, I do really enjoy turning my little veg patch in the spring, and watching what has made it through the winter to pop up.  So, our first year in this house, I decided to be choosy about what I planted.  I like plants that give something back, and don't need a lot of fussing.  And our soil is largely clay ... argh.

Given this "wants" list, I have discovered a few very nice plants and decided to post them here.  I invite other gardeners to share their favorite plants for our lovely CB climate.

The first one is  Rudbeckia Laciniata, Autumn Sun, also called Mountain Coneflower

I love this one because it changes quite a bit as it grows, and forms strong stalks with a lot of beautiful bright yellow flowers by the end of august.  Bees love it as well.  I planted four individual plants along a half fence. I use this fence as a support and tie the stalks loosely to it once it starts to flower.  Each plant starts from nothing in the spring and grows to over 6 feet tall and about 2 feet across.

The flowers grow differently.  The cone part develops first and the yellow petals slowly spring out from the base of the cone.  The first year, I thought all the flowers were duds, and started to dead-head the plants, but thankfully noticed the petals starting to form.

The leaves are a beautiful deep green and about the size and shape of my hand.  The stalks, once supported, are strong enough to last through our winter and provide a very nice visual when everything else is buried under snow. 

In the spring, its an easy thing break off the stalks to make way for new growth.  And then add a good layer of manure and cedar chips.  This location works well because it has full sun and the support of the fence.

I bought these plants at Farmer Clem's on Grand Lake Road.

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I have discovered a few very nice plants and decided to post them here. I invite other gardeners to share their favorite plants for our lovely CB climate.
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Heather Sparling Follow Me
Thanks for sharing your gardening favourites. I have a large yard and only plant perennials -- I'm always looking for something else that will work so I'm happy to hear your recommendations! One of my recent favourites is sedum "Angelina" (at least, I think that's what it is -- I can't remember enough to be sure, though) -- you can read about it more here: http://awaytogarden.com/a-plant-id-order-sedum-angelina/. I bought it at the Co-op on Keltic Dr. It spreads easily, loves sunny spots, and has lots of different colours depending on the time of year. I look forward to reading your next post!
Joanie Cunningham My Post Follow Me
Hi Heather Thanks for you comment and I love sedum plants too! There was some on our property when we moved in and I moved it to a rough rock wall that we have and it is spreading very nicely. Joanie
Joanie Cunningham My Post Follow Me
Wow, just read the response i wrote... Please excuse the clumsy grammar. I'll blame it on the distraction that my son was providing ;)

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