From Alberta to Nova Scotia - Visiting Cape Breton

L’Ardoise – From Alberta to Nova Scotia, this is how a 4 year old likes to spend his time when visiting his grandparents in Cape Breton. A good supply of rocks, paths and bridges crossing over the ponds that leads to the ocean and all the time in the world (a kid’s world) to toss in the water each and every rock gathered along the way. This is one of the simple pleasures in life, something we’ll always enjoy no matter how old we get..

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Cape Breton Living's Photo of the Week: June 26, 2014 L'Ardoise - From Alberta to Nova Scotia
A&E Photography & Design Location Richmond L'Ardoise


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Richard Lorway Follow Me
Well said! These are the times we remember fondly. Thanks for sharing.
P Sheehan Follow Me
City kids just have no idea . Too bad parents don't spend vacations with their kids in the country like they used to !!! We're running out of rural grandparents !!!

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