Good for Wal-Mart! They will enjoy the tax break.

Good for Wal-Mart

If you are watching the CBRM budget talks right now, you are listening to councillor after councillor say that they have no problem cutting Wal-Mart's property tax rate. 

I think that we should be grateful that Houston did not give this council more than 15 million - a one-time fifteen million payment. 

Who would they prioritize next? 

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Allie Macinnis Follow Me
What would you have done Lorna - it would be interesting to know ?
Lorna MacNeil My Post Follow Me
Hi Allie, I am not an expert, but I think we all have ideas about how we would like the CBRM to be in, say, the next 5 to 10 years. CBRM Forward, as you may know, is a strategy for economic building and municipal planning and I support this. We can give our ideas here. The budget should support that ideas and plans of this plan. And maybe the next one will, as the plan will be ready. I think we will see an improved process then. I would like to see CBRM with a plan to help homeless people, a process to find out why other kids living in poverty were helped by the national strategy but kids in poverty in Cape Breton were not. I would like to see some funding go toward community gardens and small local food markets. :) I could go on. lol, I will write about this is a post when time permits!
Rohn MacLeod Follow Me
You are not very objective in your comments. You leave the impression Walmart will get a big cheque! Is that so or do you know? The five percent is not a refund. Property valuations are done yearly and properties are taxed based upon the new assessment value. The valuations are done by the province's valuation service. not by the municipality. So all properties now have been assessed and the new value determined. Since the CAP controls increases to the CPI the value of the property will increase by 5.4 percent and the 5 percent decrease should at least provide relief for this year, All others will see a decrease in assessment value. The commercial increase was lower: Commercial assessments have increased by 1.3 percent to $25.1 billion. This year's rate for the provincial government's residential Capped Assessment Program (CAP) is 5.4 percent. The CAP rate reflects the annual Consumer Price Index (CPI) for Nova Scotia. So your subjective impressions are all wrong. Stand up and cheer for our council and Darren Bruckswaiger a businessman for his wisdom!
Lorna MacNeil My Post Follow Me
Thank you for your imaginative post. I did not intend for you or any reader to get the impression that Darren Bruckswaiger would meet the local Walmart manager in the parking lot with a giant-sized cheque for a photo op. (I may have to make an image of that, for fun.) But seriously, who said anything about a refund? The 5% reduction in the property rate tax means that everyone will have to pay a rate that is five percent less than they would otherwise. It is money you would have had to pay but now do not. This article by Mary Campbell speaks directly to the point you are trying to make. I shall cheer for Council when the fifty or so pot holes I have to drive through to get to payment when I leave my house are fixed. :)
Walmart? a tax break? for God's sake, has that CBRM council lost their reasoning powers , tax breaks for the low income and seniors that need it please.

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