Here is How Cape Breton Tourism Operators Can Adapt To Survive

As the world gets Covid-19 under control, what happens to the tourism industry on Cape Breton Island?

The new reality is that there will be far fewer visitors coming to our region.

Fear of travel, fewer transportation options, and lack of disposable income are likely to create a perfect storm that will keep tourists away.

But, where there is a challenge there is also opportunity.  

Our focus must turn towards serving and attracting local and expatriate Cape Bretoners and Nova Scotians.

Many locals will choose to vacation and shop close by.

Expatriates will want to return home to visit family, and perhaps stay away from busier locations. They may even consider staying for the long term as remote work becomes increasingly acceptable.

But, let’s not make the mistake of taking our residents and expatriates for granted. We have to work to win their business, just as we do to attract tourists from away.

How do we do that?  

By showing them we want their business. 

We have to reach out and let them know that we are here and ready to serve.  

We have to offer good service and good value.

And we need to help everyone discover what’s available right here at home.  

That’s exactly what we have been doing at goCapeBreton.com.

Through our website, magazine, billboards, and social media, we help locals and expatriates discover what Cape Breton has to offer.

And our basic service is available to everyone, for free

That’s right, you can promote your business, service, event, or destination for free (here’s how).

You can reach more Cape Bretoners through goCapeBreton.com than any other method.

Is this a special limited-time offer? No, it’s always been this way.

We created goCapeBreton.com to help make our community more successful. 

Find out more, get started, or contact us to explore how we can help you.

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As the world gets Covid-19 under control, what happens to the tourism industry on Cape Breton Island?
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