Holistic Health Encompasses Body, Mind, and Spirit

“What is Holistic Health?”

I get asked this a lot. Holistic Health is more an approach to life, rather than just focusing on physical wellness or the absence of illness or injury. It considers the person as a whole being. Their dreams, talents, inspirations and what’s important to that individual. Focusing on how that individual thinks, feels and interacts with their environment, relationships and how they function in all areas of life. Emphasizing the connection of body, mind and spirit and the impact this has in our daily lives.

“What does a holistic coach do?”

A holistic coach helps individuals love their life. Living deeper with authenticity, passion and purpose. From igniting the light inside, to finding healing, teaching coping skills, tapping into intuition, dealing with life’s challenges to find meaning, joy, clarity and satisfaction in life.

We need to be who we are.... everyone else is taken! 

We are all meant to live life in color. A life of freedom filled with love, joy, autonomy, peace, confidence, inspiration, abundance, clarity and satisfaction. 

A lot of people mistake success for satisfaction, but there is a difference. Many people are considered “successful.” They have everything that money can buy, the perfect house, family, career, yet they are miserable and unfulfilled. The difference between success and satisfaction is that success is measured by others. Satisfaction is measured by our own heart and soul. True success is not what you make happen for yourself. It’s the impact you have in this world and how you help make things happen for others. Ever notice happy people are less critical of others? You cannot truly have a “happy life” unless you can be
happy for others first. Negative attracts more negative. That’s why forgiveness is so important, including forgiving ourselves. Life is not meant to be a competition. There is more than enough to go around.

True satisfaction is moving in the direction of “who you really are.” We’ll never know it all or get it all done, and that’s ok. We are meant to enjoy everyday.

There are numerous reasons why people suffer from depression – chemical imbalance, trauma... including not being true to yourself. So many people live dual lives and feel disjointed because they are not aligning their life with their values and what is important to them. It looks amazing on the outside, but on the inside, their life is empty, fake and miserable.

Our intuition is always there to guide us to our best life. It knows what’s in our heart, our dreams, where we want to go, our past hurts, gifts and talents. It will always guide us to our best life if we let it. We only have 24 hours in a day. If it’s important, we’ll find a way, if it isn’t, we’ll find an excuse. The more we live in the moment, learn to tune out the noise and manage our stress, the more we are open to experiencing joy, guidance, inspiration and clarity. We all have our own unique gifts, talents and personality. The more that we are true to ourselves, the brighter we shine and the more the world benefits from that.

So enjoy the ride and be “you.” Everyone else is taken!

Sandra K MacNeil
Holistic Coach   BEnvH, CPHI(C)
Nana Kate's Lighthouse ~ Holistic Coaching and Healing

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