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As you get ready to store your RV for the winter months, it's important to keep in mind that mice and other rodents may be looking for a warm place to nest once the snow begins to fall. Mice deterrent is a hot topic among RVers and we've seen it ALL - Irish Spring Soap, Dryer Sheets, Steel Wool packed into the entry points, peppermint oil soaked cotton balls, moth name it. A camper has tried it.

So we asked the experts - the staff at Stone's that have been camping for years. You might be surprised to learn (as we were) that if you have a mouse problem, you can fill your trailer with DIY fixes until it smells like a soapy candy cane fresh out of the laundry, and the mice may just keep coming back.

In fact, one of our staff found out that not only did the mice not mind Irish Spring Soap but they actually ate half the bar. Next, he tried dryer sheets - and found that the mice liked to use them as a bathroom (mice potpourri?)

The only thing that worked for him in the end was relocating his trailer.

So what are we suggesting is the best tool for keeping mice at bay? It's simple. Prevention.

  • Ensure your trailer is as CLEAN as possible with no food left behind. Clean cupboards with a heavy duty detergent like a bleach/water solution.

  • Take a look around your trailer and underneath for any possible entry points. Keep in mind a mouse can fit through a hole the size of a dime. Spray foam is a great way to fill in these holes - especially on the underbelly of your RV and in storage compartments.

  • Clear out any loose papers, fabric and cloth - anything a mouse might use as a cozy nesting place.

These preventative measures should help keep your RV rodent-free this winter, plus there's always the added bonus of opening up a very clean trailer for your first camping trip in the spring - let the countdown begin!

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