Howie MacDonald Releases New CD - Shades of Tartan [VIDEO]

With eleven solo recordings already to his name, Howie MacDonald is a prolific composer and multi-instrumentalist.   Howie released his first vinyl record in 1985 and spent many years touring and recording with the Rankin Family.

Shades of Tartan is his 12th album and features 16 different guest artists, including J.P. Cormier, Dave MacIsaac, Mac Morin, Hilda Chiasson, Colin Grant, Emmanuelle Leblanc, and Natalie Haas.  The 16-track album was recorded at Lakewind Sound Studios in Point Aconi with Mike Shepherd at the helm.

This energetic instrumental collection is just what the doctor ordered.  Many new compositions of Howie’s will make their recording debut, including Mac’s Reel, Brian and Tanna’s Jig, and Clarence Deveaux’s Trip to Belgium.  

Shades of Tartan is also a family affair, with daughter Kristen providing percussive step-dance, brother Michael on piano, and includes Jillian’s Jig, a tune he wrote for his daughter.  Howie adds Fender Rhodes, electric guitar, and stomp box to a few tracks, giving the album a fresh sound.  Yet other tracks have a classic feel, hearkening back to the 1970s Golden Era of outdoor concerts and sweaty dance-halls.  

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Howie MacDonald's second stop for his 'Shades of Tartan' CD Release Tour at the Celtic Music Interpretive Centre in Judique on May 9, 2019 - with Howie MacDonald, Mike MacDonald, Mary Beth Carty & Jerry Holland Jr.

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