Inspired By The Ocean - Kelsey Watson Ceramics

Kelsey Watson is an emerging artist and entrepreneur from Inverness. After graduating from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, she returned home to start a business creating and selling ceramic pieces that are both beautiful and useful.

Kelsey Watson

“I want to make pieces that people can use every day, and enjoy for their handmade, natural beauty,” says Kelsey. “And for expats, my art is a little piece of home.”

Living in Inverness, Kelsey says her work is influenced by proximity to the sea, and the colours and textures she sees on a daily basis. She finds that the local community is very supportive of new ventures, and she is encouraged by her progress.

“Inverness is going through a period of change right now because of the golf courses,” says Kelsey. “There are more things happening, and it’s an exciting place to be.”

Kelsey Watson Ceramics are sold at the Quincy Street Market in Inverness, the Inkwell Modern Handmade Boutique in Halifax, and online at

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