Iona Port Market - June 5 World Oceans Day

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Scientific and Interactive displays, beach cleanup, community market, live music and more.

June 5 Noon to 4 PM

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Iona Port Market as part of World Oceans Day Celebrations
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Allie Macinnis Follow Me
My name is Allie Macinnis and I’m the owner of Authentic Pirates of Cape Breton - Sydney Nova Scotia — How would you like a couple of Pirates show up at your celebration of Oceans Day - We are fun and all will love us as we act out as our true to life Pirate Characters - Reach me at [email protected] Or 270-6709 Arrrr
Randy Pointkoski My Post Follow Me
I can see the Headlines now .... PIRATE INSURRECTION AT IONA WHARF on World Oceans Day!
Allie Macinnis Follow Me
Can you give this Pirate contact info.
Richard Lorway Follow Me
You can message directly through the platform. Just click on the poster's name above (Randy Pointkoski in bold green letters), and you can send a DM, which will also go to their email. Also FYI wherever you seen green letters, it's most often a link.

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