Is It All Bad News Cape Breton?

It’s well known that most news published by the mainstream media is bad news.  

It has always been that way.

But it seems like this past two years in Cape Breton all of our news is either bad news or really bad news.

Certainly, there are some good news stories, but not enough to counter the avalanche of bad news.

Why so bad?  

Well, Cape Breton certainly faces a number of chronic challenges — healthcare, infrastructure, economy, poverty.  

Heck, even simple issues like parades and signage have become controversial.

Combine that with the timing of multiple elections, and the negative news has become even more amplified.

A perfect storm of bad news.

Here at, we aggregate and share news from all local mainstream media, and we clearly see the constant barrage of negativity.  

Interestingly, some people actually blame us for the negative news, even though we do not create the news or even write about it — we just share it.

But, perhaps there is something we can do. Our mission at is to help solve community problems.

News is something we can help with, as we reach thousands of Cape Bretoners at home and away, every day.

Granted, sharing good news will not fix the serious problems that face Cape Breton.  

But, more good news can provide light where there is darkness.

And, if there is not enough good news coming across our news feeds, we will find the good news and write about it … then share it with you.

Do you have good news?  Let us know

Mathew Georghiou

Founder and CEO of

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jim addicott Follow Me
What are the top good news stories of the past 25 years ? Here are my suggestions....not necessarily in order...unless you want to start a contest ! 1 Membertou 2 Protocase 3 CBU 4 New Dawn Centre for innovation 5 Sydney call centre There are many more including Go Cape
Mathew Georghiou My Post Follow Me
Interesting idea Jim, thanks for sharing!
Mathew Georghiou My Post Follow Me
Jim, your suggestion is live here: Thanks!

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