Is This Glace Bay Chip Wagon the Oldest in Canada?

Glace Bay is a community of tradition, and one of its oldest — believe it or not — is a chip wagon, now in its 70th year of operation. The wagon came to Glace Bay from Montreal in 1946, says current owner and operator Michael Yorke.

"Originally, it was purchased by Mike and Rosie Minchoff in 1942," Yorke said, noting they worked on Saint Catherine Street for four years.

~ Read the full story on CBC Nova Scotia. 

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Shipped to Glace Bay in 1946, this local icon is in its 70th year of operation!
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Richard Lorway Follow Me
Chip Wagon owner Derek Yorke provided this comment on Facebook: "Derek Yorke Not the first no. There were wagons in Montreal that pre-dated this one, some were even drawn by horse. But we believe this to be the oldest one still existing, and it operates in original condition. There are also some older ones on the other side of the pond in the UK. From what I can tell it's the oldest surviving motorized food truck in North America."
Joe Ward Follow Me
This would be cool to have on the show "You gotta eat here" or perhaps one of the other showcase shows on Food Network Canada.

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