It’s All Connected Mike!

It’s All Connected! This equalization issue will continue to keep this community in trouble, economically. Our politicians are to blame! Our voting public continues to re-elect these same politicians who have done nothing to draw attention to this political corruption. Only one MLA (Kendra Coombes) has tried to open the discussion in the legislature in the previous provincial house of assembly. Kendra must continue to pursue this new provincial government (PC) on this issue just like Mike Kelloway (and Jaime Battiste) must also seek the answers that their constituents are asking. If the public does not hold these politicians accountable, like Kelloway, and the municipal government gets the ok to remove the tax cap, then we will see our property taxes soar all while funding (equalization) is coming to the province, so the residents are not overtaxed to live to a Canadian standard. If the public wants a democracy, then the public must demand one and hold politicians accountable. I continue the battle and here is my latest attempt to continue to try and seek answers from the people who were elected and paid to represent us! Charles Dear M.P. Mike Kelloway: For the umpteenth attempt and as my member of parliament, will you explain why you have not questioned your government’s washing of its hands of its constitutional responsibility for the yearly Equalization Payments to this province? As you know, this is a 100 percent a federal program in terms of its design and implementation and funded from federal taxes. As you are also aware, your government has shifted its constitutional responsibility to the citizens of our province but has made this accountability an impossibility. As you are also fully aware, your government continues to transfer these constitutionally enshrined dollars “unconditionally,” which, obviously and by design, prevents any accountability by the taxpayers of your province – something that should have got your attention on behalf of your constituents, but has not. Why are you remaining silent about your government’s intentional and illegal betrayal of Nova Scotians’ ability to demand their democratic accountability from their politicians involving the lack of transparency from government about government expenditure of the citizens’ tax dollars? It is time you stopped literally running away from your responsibility to represent your community’s constitutional entitlement. Mike, it is time to be sincere and honest to your community! Your Constituent, Charles W. Sampson

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