Jak is Back - Missing Dog Found in Sydney

Photo Credit: Jennifer Lynn via Facebook

A week ago we told you about a missing dog named Jak and his family who were coordinating efforts on social media to find him. He's been found.

After a sighting on Highway 125 today, the family immediately went to check. It turns out that it was Jak, and he's finally been rescued.

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Brenda Pledge Follow Me
Oh thank heavens! I visited Cape Breton (from Ottawa) this past weekend and everytime we were in the area of HWY 125 and the Mayflower Mall I was eagle-eyed. Social media can be a powerful tool for good!
Catherine Pastuck Follow Me
I am so happy that Jac has been found !!
Lynn Hussey Follow Me
People Really came together to help this family and Jack. I love Cape Breton for this reason..So happy for Jak and his family that he's home safely finally!

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