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Joella Foulds is a well-known figure in Cape Breton. She co-hosted CBC’s Information Morning, co-founded the Celtic-Colours International Festival with Max MacDonald, and served as Artistic Director for 20 years. In 2012, the federal government recognized Joella with the Order of Canada. Now retired, Joella has rediscovered her music and love of gardening, two passions she had put aside during her career.

Joella grows vegetables in her greenhouse in Boularderie. She sells her produce at the Ross Ferry Farmers’ Market, which sets up Sundays in the fire hall during summer.  

“It’s a lovely little market that started 3 years ago,” says Joella. “Vendors stalls are in the main area, and Chef Lars Willum operates a tea room on the second floor. The whole community comes out to socialize. It’s a wonderful time.”

When not in her garden, Joella is pursuing her music and songwriting. Her sons, Jamie and Matthew Foulds, encouraged her to record them in a proper studio setting. 

“The boys really convinced me to take it this far,” says Joella. “It started as a personal project, but turned into something more professional.”

Foulds is releasing her CD later this year.

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