Larch Wood Canada - A Cape Breton Success Story

Based in Margaree, Cape Breton, Larch Wood Canada creates high-quality end-grain cutting boards, chopping blocks, and countertops from locally-grown larch trees.

Larch Wood started in 2003 when a small group of carpenters and wood workers purchased a 14,000 square foot building to produce flooring products. After 2 years, Larch Wood realized that they needed to expand their product line. Research indicated there was an opportunity to produce end-grain cutting boards, which are superior to alternative designs, and therefore of higher value. 

“We decided to craft end-grain boards in a variety of sizes, highlighting the distinctive properties, bold and varied grain, and natural golden hues of the larch,” says General Manager Don Beamish. “We gave the first prototype boards to local chefs who used them for approximately 6 months before giving us two thumbs up for the quality and design of the boards.”

Larch Wood started marketing their boards in Halifax, and the high-quality of the product resulted in rave reviews, which in turn soon generated interest outside the province. Their cutting boards began to sell in Toronto and Montreal, and word soon spread to the United States. Since then, Larch Wood has found distribution through high-end kitchenware and furnishings retailers with locations in cities throughout Canada and the US. 

Larch Wood’s trees are harvested locally in a sustainable manner, with many logs supplied by small woodlot owners. Larch Wood pays the woodland owners over-market-value to promote a healthy business ecosystem among local suppliers and to ensure a consistent supply of quality larch logs. 

Watch the VIDEO below to learn how Larch Wood manufactures cutting boards.


In 2012, Larch Wood started offering custom-made countertops to both private and commercial customers, which soon became a growing part of the business. In 2017, they built a new workshop on site dedicated for custom work.

Larch Wood currently employs 22 craftspeople and skilled artisans with more than 100 years of combined woodworking experience amongst them.

“We feel privileged to live, work and raise our families on Cape Breton Island,” says Beamish. “Cape Breton continues to be a source of inspiration for our employees and visitors alike.”

For more information and to shop online, you can visit Larch Wood’s WEBSITE HERE

Check out their BLACK FRIDAY SALE on Large Carver's boards HERE

Larch Wood Canada 

117 Bridge Road, Margaree, NS B0E 1Y0
Telephone: 1-902-235-2949
Toll Free (North America): 1-866-735-2949
Facsimile: 1-902-235-2077
E-mail: [email protected]

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Based in Margaree, Larch Wood Canada creates high-quality end-grain cutting boards, chopping blocks, and countertops from locally-grown larch trees.
Business Success Story


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