Open Letter to CBRM Mayor and Councillors re: Port of Sydney

January, 8, 2021

Good Morning Councillors & Mayor:
Before I begin; Happy New Year and thank you for serving our municipality - I greatly appreciate it.
Friday has become my day to catch up on things; I make myself sit down for 3 hours and read - international newspapers, national newspapers, Provincial newspapers and finally local media outlets. One of my go-to sources locally is Mary Campbell's Cape Breton Spectator, if you don't have a Spectator subscription, I highly recommend it.
In this week's Spectator, I read that Jim Gogan, the lawyer who CBRM CAO Marie Walsh has asked to handle the Spectator's FOIPOP request, has only released 14 more pages out of the 890 that Nova Scotia Privacy commissioner Tricia Ralph demanded that the Spectator be given.
As is my custom; let me be blunt.
What is going on?
The Provincial Privacy Commission has essentially said that the CBRM is breaking the law by not handing over the requested Port documents to the Cape Breton Spectator, but yet the lawyer who Marie Walsh has hand picked to handle the FOIPOP request has only handed over 14 more pages after 3 months!
Come on! What is this guy hiding? Who is he protecting? What is in these documents that is so damning that he doesn't want the public to see - that he doesn't want you to see - and remember (I remember) that it was Gogan who handled The Spectator's original FOIPOP request 5 years ago.
As a taxpayer. As a citizen of this impoverished Municipality I want to know... No! I demand to know what's in those documents- and you should want to know what's in those documents as well because we won't know where this municipality stands in relation to the container port until we see the full picture.
I'm sorry for my continued correspondence on this issue but I truly believe that the Port File is a pivotal issue. We as a municipality can continue on the path of secrecy and covert handshake dealings that have handcuffed our people for generations, or we can move into the light and embrace openness, honesty, and equality.
Yours in all Sincerity.
Rod Gale
(PS. I have published this letter because I have not received any response or acknowledgement from CBRM Mayor or Council).

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Debbie Keating Follow Me
Thank you Rod Gale!!!! We have a new council but the same old gang running the ship and covering their predecessor’s tracks.....isn’t it time for a forensic audit (as voted on by the last council) and promised to the people of this municipality? We need to know what has happened on this port file, who is involved, what was spent and to whom with absolutely no results, how many knew about it, is there a major coverup as indicated by the reluctance to turn the file over and finally does it warrant a criminal investigation??? The FOIPOP commissioner gave an order to CBRM to release the documents. She investigated and deemed specifically that none were proven to violate any contractual arrangements!!! She demanded all of the file be released. I’ve heard no reason why it shouldn’t be. Council has no choice but to release the documentation!!!

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