Mabou Woman Raising Money To Fight 'Incurable' Cancer

Becky Beaton's radiation and chemotherapy initially eliminated her tumor. Unfortunately, a year later, her doctors tell her she has an aggressive form of cancer that has spread further and is considered "incurable".

Becky isn't giving up without a fight. Now she needs the community's support to raise money for clinical trials for new types of cancer treatments being tested. Many of these trials are in the United States and are likely to exceed $150,000. That is her initial fundraising goal.

Join with all those who are helping Becky have one more shot to beat cancer

Contributors are quickly making their donations. Every donation brings her closer to her goal of having another chance to fight back.

The Cape Breton community is also doing its best to contribute. The Mabou Parish Hall is hosting a fundraising event on December 16th, from 8:30 PM to Midnight:

Benefit Dance For Becky Beaton

(Doors open 8:30pm)
SQUARE SET w/ Dawn & Margie (9pm)
The Town Heroes (10:15pm)
Eddie Cumming Band (11:15pm)

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