Marcato Acquired By Patron Technologies

Marcato Co-Founders Darren Gallop and Morgan Currie

Marcato Digital Solutions of Sydney was recently acquired by Patron Technology of Pittsburgh, PA for an undisclosed amount. Marcato is a technology company that develops software for live-event management.


“Selling the company was always in the plan,” said Co-Founder Darren Gallop. “We positioned Marcato to become part of something bigger, and the resulting acquisition is good for for the employees, the founders, and the community.”  


The new parent company sees value in keeping the Marcato team together, and expects to continue building the company in Sydney. Co-founder Morgan Currie will continue to work at Marcato as Chief Technology Officer.


Darren is leaving Marcato to focus on his new company, Securicy. As an entrepreneur who has started, grown, and exited a company, he is now working to do the same with his new startup.


“It’s how the ecosystem is supposed to work,” added Darren. “This past year was a record year for private capital investment in Nova Scotia. Venture capitalists are now investing outside the major US hubs. Getting this kind of investment is a major validation for our local technology community, and I expect more exits in the future.”


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