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Mark Eyking Announces Technology Funding for Slyce Canada Inc.

On Friday. Mark Eyking, Liberal MP for Sydney-Victoria, was in New Waterford to announce funding for Slyce Canada Inc.

The announcement included $736,000 to Slyce, a visual search and recognition company, to help it expand its research and development work through a $500,000 loan from ACOA through its business development program and up to $236,000 through the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program.

Slyce Canada Inc. operates its Canadian office in New Waterford, NS and currently has 30 employees. Slyce creates visual search and image recognition technology which allows people to take pictures on their smartphones or tablets, and match those photos to products available from a wide range of retail partners.

Slyce CEO Ted Mann said their visual recognition technology provides a retail moment for people, allowing them to snap, shop and buy.

Mann also added they have 25 major U.S. retailers as well as retailers in Canada. He said a month ago they landed Tommy Hilfiger as a client; the company was looking for an app that could identify clothes on a runway model during a live fashion show.

“It’s the most ambitious thing we’ve ever done,” he said. “They loved it, the fashion show was in Los Angeles, called Tommyland.”

Pictured here from left to right  Dave Wilton MLA CB Centre, Vijai Karthigesu (Ubique), Mark Eyking Liberal MP for Sydney - Victoria,

Slyce CEO Ted Mann and Slyce CTO Adam Turkelson

Slyce CEO Ted Mann and CTO Adam Turkelson present their 2017 R&D Initiatives 

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Randall Thompson Follow Me
Congratulations! Great for NW and CB!
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