Mary Campbell, 1964-2024

Mary Campbell has died. The news comes as a gut punch. Worse than a gut punch. It’s incredibly sad news in a world of sadness, a gaping hole in everything that...

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Mary will be greatly missed for her advocacy work with the Cape Breton Spectator. She left no stone uncovered in her investigative journalism and Mary did not stop digging until every bit of information was available to her readers. Mary Campbell’s contribution to this community and to her profession was an example of what journalism should look like. The truth must be told! Mary, may you rest in peace and the community thanks you for all your hard work and commitment to Cape Breton. You will never be forgotten…
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I only actually met Mary Campbell once, and even then briefly, but common political objectives and several articles I submitted to the Spectator prompted a number of interesting discussions and debates on socio-economic issues and politics within CB and NS. Her opinions often prompted further research, which was one of the things she strived for, that her readers and all citizens be better informed. She was a thorn in the side of every disingenuous, affected, obfuscating politican who came under her scutiny, and i believe that she would be pleased with that comment. We need more journalists like her.

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