Join MediaSpark to launch new game with Kickstarter crowdfunding

Hey Cape Breton,

MediaSpark will soon be launching a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for our upcoming new GoVenture Card Game We are using crowdfunding to connect with potential players around the world so we can gather feedback on the game ... and to start off with a few pre-sales too.

Come meet our team

We also plan to have a launch party in Sydney, where everyone will be invited to come meet our team, hear our story, and play the game with us. Drop by to have some fun and perhaps be inspired to create your own product or business some day ... because entrepreneurship is important to Cape Breton! 

Follow us?

While we build our Kickstarter campaign, we are reaching out to our community and network to build a list of people who are interested in following our progress and maybe attending the launch party later in February 2016.  To be added, LIKE this post on or like our GoVenture page on Facebook

About the Game

The GoVenture Card Game is fun, fast, and easy to play, but deep in its strategy. Will you focus on profit or world domination? Will you collaborate with other players or try to crush them? Play and find out! Gameplay is easy for kids (ages 8 and up) and intelligent for adults. A fun strategy game for 2 to 6 players. 

We are working on two themes:


Buy and sell businesses, manage product inventory, and make sales. Will you focus on profit or world domination? Will you collaborate with other entrepreneurs or try to crush them? Play and find out!  

Monster Hunter - Zombies, Vampires, Orcs, and more!

Choose your weapon, gather ammunition, and capture monsters. Will you focus on the bounty or saving the world? Will you collaborate with other hunters or try to foil them? Play and find out!  

We will share more about the game when our Kickstarter  campaign   launches .


If you are not sure what crowdfunding looks like, check out the Get Adler campaign on Kickstarter  recently run by another Cape Bretoner (consider backing it too). 

Join us!

To be added to our notification list, LIKE this post on or like our  GoVenture page on Facebook

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Randall Thompson Follow Me
Congrats! by the way, the Get Adler! link is not working. For me anyway. Thanks!
Mathew Georghiou Follow Me
Thanks Randall ... link seems to be ok for me. Congrats on your numbers!
Randall Thompson Follow Me
oh, good!! must be firefox again! lol Thank you!

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