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Eileen Forrester

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The Forrester School of Dance was established in 1965 by Eileen Pottie Forrester. The school specializes in highland dance & step dance for all ages children to adults. Private or special group lessons available upon request.

The senior dance company has been invited to represent  the province & Canada         

during international festivals in Canada, US, Europe & Asia. Mrs. Forrester's daughter Shannon Forrester (also principal dancer) has been teaching alongside her mother for over 25years & 

both are available for workshops, conferences, event planning & if you need an MC or narrator we can do that for you. The dancers are available for reunions, charitable events,weddings, conferences & more. They also offer a Guard of Honour for any special events & weddings wearing  their stunning Cape Breton Tartan Kilts!

We also offer a full range of Celtic entertaiment for any event.

If a bride & groom want some training for their first dance or some group choreography, we can help with that as well! 

Please book early. 


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