Nigel  Kearns

Nigel Kearns

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Nigel is a proud father and long-time resident of Northend Sydney.  He started his adult life as a Naval Combat Information Operator for the Royal Canadian Navy.  Following his five years of service, he continued working in industrial fabrication, environmental business development, and vastly within the Arts & Culture sectors.  Now with 30 years of experiences, he applies his skills to countless projects helping people and organizations succeed.

Nigel is an active board member of the Cape Breton Music Industry Cooperative (CBMIC).  He also volunteers with Christmas Daddies, Transition House, the Southend Community Centre, and the Weirdbeard Theatre Troupe ... to name just a few.

Nigel is a staunch supporter of local entrepreneurs and our growing startup community.  He is a former board member of the Sydney Downtown Development Association (renamed the Sydney Waterfront District), an organization he continues to assist.


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