Millville man faces 21 charges after guns, ammo, uniforms seized

Cape Breton Regional Police have now charged 30-year-old Colin James Penny of Millville, with a total of 21 charges as a result of an ongoing investigation into the domestic disturbance he was originally arrested for on Friday May 12th.


Officers responded to reports of the domestic disturbance at an apartment building on the Esplanade just before midnight May 11th. The suspect initially fled the scene and was later located and arrested at a residence on Maple Hill Drive in Millville.

Investigators obtained further information from witness statements and video surveillance and executed search warrants on two residences in Millville, seizing 2 vehicles, 7 firearms, more than 1,000 rounds of ammunition, and numerous other firearms components.


Penny is scheduled to appear in Sydney Provincial Court today charged with: Pointing a Firearm (2), Discharging a Firearm, Possession of a Weapon, Assault with a Weapon (x3), Careless Use (Storage) of a Firearm (x9), Flight from Police (x2), Assault Police and Dangerous Operation of a Vehicle.


During the searches, officers also discovered several articles of police clothing and equipment believed to be authentic to the RCMP and OPP.  As a result, Cape Breton Regional Police have also charged Penny with Possessing Police Article or Police Uniform without Authorization contrary to Section 6 (1) of the Police Identity Management Act; we continue to work with our partner agencies to verify the authenticity of the articles and where they came from.

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Lynn Hussey Follow Me
Another loose cannon! Nuts!
Christine Bonnar Follow Me
This is really scary and much credit to the police! However, it is hard not to believe this guy was planning a copycat action! Oh the sick crazy people in this world.

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