My best $5 investment this year!

Short Story:
I was riding my bike through Ashby yesterday, when I saw four girls operating what I thought was a lemonade stand. As I was the only person on the street, the girls flagged me down.

It turns out they weren't selling lemonade. They were selling pictures "to make people happy" for which they would accept a payment of any amount, even nothing.

I told them I would give them $5 if they would give me something that would make my wife happy - and I congratulated them on their scheme to make a little money. Good entrepreneurial spirit, that.

I was given a folded piece of paper (apparently the contents were to be a surprise) which I stuck in my pocket.

When I arrived home, I presented the gift to my beloved - still unopened.

It turned out to be a message, not a picture. But it worked. It made her happy.

The best $5 investment I have made this year.

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Young people using entrepreneurial spirit to make people happy.
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That's actually kind of brilliant. (Them, not you. Sorry, Pete!)

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