My Thoughts on Cape Breton’s state at this time

It’s a **** shame the way the Island has just gone down hill. We used to have work here when I was younger and people could make a living. I know I did. Then around the end of the nineties everything went to crap. Steel plant coal mines fishing and the jobs they supported all gone. Most of us traveled to Alberta. Some didn’t or wouldn’t. When I come home from a stretch of Alberta to my wife and house all I usually hear about is Cruise Ships or something else in Sydney. Then there is the container port and the gas plant near Goldboro or wherever it is this decade. Yada Yada Yada. Heavy Water Plants. North side Industrial Park. Who else remembers the Datsun Car Plant in Sydport. It’s all gone. Then lately when there is talk of work and possible jobs a lot of folks seem to find only the bad about something the company does and that seems to be all that’s heard. No Railway. Single Lane Highway. And then people wonder why nobody wants to set up shop here. My son once told me that all they want to build here now are retirement places and if you drive around the Northside I can tell you that he’s right. The most beautiful spot in the world Yes but many many things are lacking and it seems to be getting worse to me. Anyway that’s it.

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