New Accessible Playground in Cantley Village Park Needs Donations

Cantley Village Park is so close to having a new accessible playground, I can practically hear the kids' squeals of joy.

But we're not quite there yet. While the playground is in the final stages of being built, we are still facing a funding shortfall of $10,000. 

Due to some unexpected roadblocks in our journey, including a legal scuffle into the actual ownership of Cantley Village Park, we turned up short in terms of the funding we expected to get. 

But we're not giving up! 

Tessa, a grade 6 student who lives in Cantley Village Park, explains in the video below all about our accessible playground project - and how you can help!

If you'd like to donate to the Cantley Village Park Accessible Playground project, please message us via our Facebook page, or email our association president at erinarsenault (at) All donations $25 and over will receive a donation receipt, and donations that exceed $200 will be commemorated on a sign later this year. 

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