Nicknames Of New Waterford

Before the Internet, we had clotheslines and the junglebush. Before hashtags we had nicknames. In New Waterford, it seems, almost everyone had one. Albert MacDonald of New Waterford brought me his list about 20 years ago. If you can add to it feel free. We’ll pass them on by letter starting with…


Abbie Stepaniak

Ace MacDonald

Accident Dan

Aches & Pains MacDonald

Airdale MacKinnon

Air Ship Dan MacEachern

Aluminum Leg Durdle

Allen the Gold McDonald

Alley Oop Martell

Andy Capp Nicholson

Anchor Back MacLean

Angie Bee MacDonald

Antwan MacDonald

Antigonish Jim Gillis

Army Chaisson

Ash Pile MacDougall

Arab Andrews

Augie Wilcox

Automobile Joe

Axe Lamey

Do you have a nickname you'd like to share? Add it in the comments below. 

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