North Highland Nordic's Daniel Murray - Head Coach, 2021 Ski Team

North Highlands Nordic's Daniel Murray is confirmed as head coach for the Nova Scotia ski team.  This season marks Murray's 14th consecutive season. 

“I am looking forward to working with this crew again this year (including 2 new additions to the team).  Despite the absence of major competitions last season, we had a lot of small victories, including athlete leadership of workouts, some excellent mid winter training, as well as some hard fought time trials.  I look forward to supporting these athletes as they carry this positive energy into the upcoming season, when we will hopefully be competing at the national level again.”

--- Daniel Murray, Head Coach 

Read more at Cross Country Nova Scotia (click)

NHN's Daniel Murray set to Coach his 14th Season


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North Highlands Nordic's Daniel Murray set to coach provincial ski team for his 14th consecutive season.
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