Nova Scotia’s Fittest CrossFit Athletes from Cape Breton [VIDEO]

CrossFit training is a fitness regimen that combines weightlifting, aerobic exercise, and skills-training in a high-energy daily workout. CrossFit gyms have sprung up in Cape Breton and three Cape Bretoners currently hold Nova Scotia fitness titles.

26-year-old Cara Pettipas from Sydney joined the CrossFit community 4 years ago. For the past 2 years, Cara has won the Fittest Female in Nova Scotia title, also Cara has ranked 903rd in the World for Fittest Female. Cara is a full-time Tech at the Cape Breton Regional Hospital, and a Coach with CrossFit Per Ardua in Sydney River. “I work hard on making the best version of myself, I’ve grown so much as a person in the last few years from joining Crossfit. Anyone can do CrossFit, all it takes is for you to try it once, and you'll be hooked. Everyone that does it, loves it!”

The Fittest Male in Nova Scotia (ages 35-39) is Scott McIntyre, age 38, from Sydney Mines. Scott started Crossfit 7 years ago and is now an Affiliate Owner & Coach at CrossFit Per Ardua. Scott encourages people thinking about joining “Just do it, join us. See what the hype is all about. My gym, CrossFit Per Ardua, is an amazing place if I do say so myself. We are surrounded daily by the most awesome and supportive people on this island and we welcome all!”

Stephen MacKenzie, 28, from Sydney is this year’s Fittest Male in Nova Scotia. Stephen is a full-time firefighter who has been doing CrossFit for 5 years.This past summer, Stephen ranked 31st overall in the World of East Regional Individual Men of CrossFit Games 2017 then Stephen went on and ranked 3rd Place in World CrossFit Men 18-29 at The World Police and Fire Games in Los Angeles, California! Stephen says that “both mental and physical health should be your #1 priority, and YES, there is enough time in the day.”

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Nova Scotia’s Fittest Crossfit Athletes from Cape Breton [VIDEO]
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