Onsite Jewellery Repair and Custom Designs.

KDesign Studio is located inside Kreative Design. 

Our Kreative Team includes a master goldsmith and diamond setter as well as senior goldsmtihs and silversmiths, seasoned jewellers and trained technicians.

Your jewellery will be in good hands. And all our work is performed on site and in our studio. 

Our Services include:

  • On site jewellery repair
  • Diamond Setting
  • Ring sizing and Chain solder/repairs
  • Replace watch straps
  • Replace watch batteries.
  • Assist with cutting off rings that can't come off or need to come off for surgery, etc.
  • Buy Gold and Diamonds.
  • Inspections to maintain diamond jewellery warranties.
  • Honor warranties from Alteens Jewellery
  • Answer all jewellery related questions
  • One on One Custom design using your heirloom gold and gems, or we can supply.

We are a registered member of the Canadian Jewellers Association.

Shop Phone: 902-567-0648

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KDesign - Jewellery repair and design studio located inside Kreative Design.
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