Why Our Facebook Page Is Better Than Your Facebook Page

Here's Why...

It all comes down to numbers...

You need to advertise to local customers, so you create a post on your Facebook page and it reaches your 200 followers, or 500, or whatever. Unless someone shares it, that’s as far as it goes.

goCapeBreton.com has 24,000 Facebook followers.

If you post on our website, your post also gets broadcast to our Facebook page (24,000 followers) and our Twitter feed (4,000 followers). Our website alone gets tens of thousands of views every day, and if your post is popular, it will also get emailed to thousands of our members who receive our daily news email.

So for the same effort, you reach well over 30,000 people, vs. however many followers you have. Isn’t that a bigger bang for your buck?

Oh, did we say buck? We meant free. Yeah, it’s free to post on goCapeBreton.com

If you cannot do it yourself, we can do it all for you for a small fee. If you want even greater reach, you can pay us a little extra to boost it for you.

Oh, and we can tag your Facebook page so your ad reaches your followers too.

Call us to explore your options. We will create a social media strategy that fits both your needs and your budget.

Call Jerry Holland at 902.322.7742

Be sure to like the goCapeBreton.com Facebook PAGE below to follow our many contests for free food, tickets, gifts, and more!

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Having your own Facebook page is good, but using our 24,000 followers to leverage your content is better. PRO TIP: You can do both!
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