Lejeune/Herney family song on our drum!

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Peter Ross Follow Me
Hey, I like your Family song. Am I right to understand that this song was specifically written for/about the Lejeune/Herney clan? Would it be a relatively new song? Thank you for sharing this. I am curious about Mi'kmaq music traditions.
Andre Desjardins My Post Follow Me
I wrote it for my kids it says ninen Mijuawjij amalkajij nike' (we are the children doing a little dance) amalkajij mawio'mi (a little dance at the gathering) amalkajij jakuawe' ( a little dance come over) :) it's my children's song wrote by a Lejeune so I guess you could say it's ours ;)
Peter Ross Follow Me
Thank you, Andre. May I ask you another question? It is more about Mi'kmaw music in general. I have noticed that a steady drum rhythm seems to be a common feature of Native songs. But there are sometimes variations on that rhythm. At the start of the Family song, for instance, there was an intro section where the different drummers were doing different things. Does traditional music include variations? Is there some pattern to them? Does the modern interpretation of traditional music embrace certain variations? Thank you again for any thoughts, Andre. Again I am just curious about your traditions. Cheers.
Andre Desjardins My Post Follow Me
When you see the single hard beat by a single drummer in the middle of the drum that's called the honor beat for all our relations in prayer (msit no'kmaq) and the beginning is thunder because we are called The Young (Lejeune) Mi'kmaq Thunderbloods the constant beat varies in different dances ie crow hop round dance honor song intertribal veteran song flag song etc etc but mainly that constant beat represents the heart of our mother earth :) we drum sing and dance in her honor and pray for all our relations (msit no'kmaq)
Andre Desjardins My Post Follow Me
You can ask as many questions as you want and I'll do my best to answer if I don't know the answer I'll ask an elder!
Andre Desjardins My Post Follow Me
There is stuff I can't post like our sweatlodge but that basically is the same principal we sweat at very high temperature to pray for the sick needy and past our suffering in the lodge is said to take away somebody suffering if we pray hard enough but there are many more benefits as well
Peter Ross Follow Me
Hi Andre. Thank you for this very generous offer. I really appreciate it. I will have to give some thought to more questions, but I will get back to you. Thanks again!
Andre Desjardins My Post Follow Me
Ninen na*

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