CBRM please fix THIS pothole in a busy and dangerous intersection

CBRM please fix these potholes. They have been there for a year or two in the busiest intersection in the city ... and they make this dangerous intersection even more dangerous. They are at the Grand Lake Road lights just as you turn left towards Home Depot - see map. It's really an easy and cheap fix. They are not deep just bad and in a bad spot.

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Joe Ward Follow Me
It's difficult to imagine that major road damage in such high traffic zones goes unmitigated for so long. In fact, as a municipality it actually is a bit embarrassing. Do we have a qualified person running this department?
Mathew Georghiou My Post Follow Me
Right, this is what compelled me to post about it. I've been driving over it for so long that I thought for sure it would have been fixed by now given its high traffic location and potential to cause an accident. Perhaps it is the BYSTANDER EFFECT in action on this one.
Joe Ward Follow Me
I took a picture of the same area last winter. Can't remember if I tweeted it or what I did with it. Probably a tweet to @CBRMgov (tbd). But it isn't supposed to be our job to report them. There are constantly municipal trucks on those roads. It's not as if they could manage to remain unaware of them. But it's certainly not the first time major road issues, including deep potholes, have been left for extended periods with zero intervention in our biggest traffic zones. Personally, I would fire someone over it.
Richard Lorway Follow Me
Actually, I believe it's a provincial highway and therefore the province's responsibility to maintain. So if we're pointing fingers, perhaps we should be pointing to Halifax?
Joe Ward Follow Me
I've love to have someone in the municipality stay on top of the province when there are ongoing issues that impact residents. :)
Joe Ward Follow Me
Side note: The main downtown street in North Sydney is very nicely paved. It's a nice little town.
Andrée Crepeau Follow Me
This section of road is maintained by the provincial department of transportation and infrastructure renewal and not CBRM.
Joe Ward Follow Me
That is an important distinction. I just want to emphasize that it is still an important part of our municipality. Shouldn't we also have an expectation that our local department would also get in touch with the provincial department when there are issues impacting the safety or our drivers? If I was in that role, I would certainly consider that to be within my responsibilities when I become aware of it.
Mathew Georghiou My Post Follow Me
Thanks Andree ... but Joe is exactly right. CBRM tweeted back with the phone number for the Province ... what they should have done is called the number and then tweeted that they called ... and I'm going to say that to them. It's not like I'm asking them to pave a road.
Joe Ward Follow Me
Absolutely. On a related note, claiming damages to your vehicle on a CBRM managed road requires that a citizen first notified them of an issue. So if there is a deep pothole for 30 days and a car gets damaged, the CBRM claims they are not responsible unless someone previously reported it. There should be no trafficked roadways that are not actively catalogued by municipal workers. Then when we miss out on funding opportunities, one might pause to ask if the municipality may not be acting proactively enough. Surely, we should be formally (i.e. CBRM exec) notifying the province of road issues. See: https://twitter.com/ChristinaLamey/status/640655148851834880 I previously wrote about an idea for crowdsourced road condition tracking on Cape Breton crowdfunders (http://crowdfunders.me/). Maybe that's actually what we need.
Joe Ward Follow Me
Check out the "Street Bump" app: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=93AuwB0VBZM
Richard Lorway Follow Me
The video had me until the part where it says: "An inspector checks out the bump." Anyway... goCapeBreton.com can be used to crowdsource the identification and mapping of potholes. How you ask? Use the Community Map feature, drop a marker on the map where the pothole is, choose the Road/Needs Repair tag, and add a comment. Here's a link to the Map: https://capebreton.lokol.me/maps Here's a screen capture of a pothole marker: http://screencast.com/t/V3BfeHWe
Joe Ward Follow Me
Yes, they are working closely with the City of Boston. I would regear the app so that it would generate a public, real-time updated, maps, and spit out reports to social media. Including automated weekly faxes to the CBRM if that's what it took. ;)
Mathew Georghiou My Post Follow Me
Around here the battery would drain in 20 minutes.
Joe Ward Follow Me
Maybe we could get something designed to measure seismic activity. ;)
Jacquelyn Scott Follow Me
It is embarrassing and the municipality should empower its employees to fix what obviously need to be fixed -- in this instance, and others....

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