End Closed Door Politics in the CBRM

Personally I find this article disturbing. The point is, if the Mayor has to hide behind non-disclosure agreements, then who in fact is he working for? The people he represents or private interests? There are couple of items here, first, if you wish to work for or do business with a government body that represents the public purse then you should expect that the public be given access to relevant information. The second, if activities are handled behind closed doors, does this not increase the likelihood corruption? We must not forget that the Councilors should also be acting in the best interests of the residents, by not demanding full disclosure they are in fact participating in or benefiting from these closed door activities. Which leads to questions of integrity and character.

Perhaps our elected officials should ask themselves, if activities must occur behind closed doors, then should we be engaged in this activity?

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James MacKinnon Follow Me
It really boils down to accountability. Some in camera discussion would be reasonable when discussing tentative agreements/opportunities, but it's been coupled with a drought of solid information regarding the efforts to rejuvenate the CBRM. Cecil needs to realize you can't run CBRM like a CEO without acknowledging it's public that are the majority shareholders to which he serves at the pleasure of. Residents need to come together and momentarily shed their politcal apathy to start demanding more from their councillors. The councillors then need to make it clear to the mayor that given the regions sordid history with getting jerked around, affairs moving forward need to be held in an open and transparent way. Either do what's required to deliver shareholder value, or we'll elect a new CEO who can.
Christian Murphy My Post Follow Me
Accountability, the bane of politicians everywhere. Perhaps we should rethink what the role of a municipality is. Back to basics, Roads, Sanitation, Water and Sewage as well as land use approval, nothing more, nothing less. I think; perhaps I am wrong, the people elected and or employed are stretched beyond their comfort zones. Maybe it's a case of getting back to core competencies.
James MacKinnon Follow Me
There's a good bit of irony in having to instruct Cecil on how to operate a conservative government.
Joe Ward Follow Me
One of my first questions is: what is the precedent? How often is this typically done? How many times per year has this happened in the last say 15 years? Is this out of the ordinary, or just status quo in the CBRM? Transparency is a major issue for this mayorship, IMO. Remember the consultant's report they sat on for months without even sharing to the councillors because its findings were contrary to their port strategy? Or the emails from his communications rep to a CBU professor that the professor interpreted as discouraging him from expressing his views on the port, etc. Then the whole HPDP (Harbour Port Development Partners) with Barry Sheehy where they bait you with stories of how he and his partner spent 1,000,000 out of pocket for "stuff" that they didn't want to elaborate too much in their Information Morning interview. But then use that speaking point as the justification to hand them over exclusivity deals. So your port marketing is now in the hands of a Georgian historian who is likely self published (pay fee; you're an author; TBD), and has eyebrow raising investments in China like monetized mahjong and some kind of "memorials" company that merged into mining interests, yada yada. You might want to have a little more background on these sorts of characters before handing over the keys. I like Ray Paruch for his willingness to critic and challenge these things. But we need the council filled with others will to do the same and press the issues. In fact, in a related conversation recently, I thought the name Ray Paruch might even be an option for the next mayoral ballot.
John R McLellan Follow Me
All decisions by all politicians at all levels of government should be made available online. That way you can look at their track record.

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