Province of NS Eases Restrictions — Many Activities Now Allowed

As of 3PM May 1, 2020 in the Province of Nova Scotia

Now allowed with members of your current household:

  • Provincial and municipal parks
  • Sports fields and skate parks
  • School grounds
  • Trails (including ATV use)
  • Community gardens
  • Garden centers in stores 
  • Cottages — minimize travel between home and cottage.
  • Boating 
  • Sportfishing from shore or a boat.  
  • Sailing and boating clubs to prepare boats (food service limited to takeout).
  • Golf course driving ranges and to conduct maintenance (food service limited to takeout).
  • Drive-in religious services. Must stay in cars. No exchange of people or materials. Cars 6 feet apart.
  • Private campgrounds can open for seasonal campers in fixed RV campsites — no weekend or short-term camping.

Other Information

  • In all cases, you are encouraged to stay within your local area and avoid or limit driving.
  • If you drive, do not create crowded parking lots or roadsides.
  • Provincial campgrounds remain closed except for necessary maintenance.
  • Beaches remain closed (because most people have to travel far to get to them). For parks with beaches, the park is open but the beach is closed as is the water nearby.
  • Playgrounds remain closed (because of high touch surfaces and difficulty in maintaining social distancing).  
  • Schools and daycares remain closed.

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How do I unsubscribe? So far, it’s not working for me.
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