Parker Rudderham Presents Cheque for $1 million to YMCA

70 people were on hand for the announcement at the YMCA on Charlotte Street in Sydney.  Parker Rudderham's gift totals $1.41 million, one of the largest ever gifts to a charity in Cape Breton.

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Tera Camus Follow Me
Parker Rudderham has proven to be one of the best people we have here in CBRM for supporting various causes and charities, for propping up businesses and a fledgling national basketball hopeful, for thinking Cape Breton First, for employing people and opening up business opportunities. If only other Cape Bretoners were so thoughtful. Many local businesses will tell you that Cape Bretoners are difficult customers. They tend to hold businesses to a standard they don't hold for the Walmarts of the world. They tend to buy off island, online (ignorning shipping charges), making off island shopping trips and not providing squat to charities. If we started thinking like Parker, even those of us who are not so rich can give a little to charity and at least shop locally to make this island stronger.
Joe Ward Follow Me
It's actually amazing to see the extent of his impact on the community. If you knew only that he was the owner of Frank Magazine, for those that are not a fan of the style of that publication, you could form a very different impression. In general, I don't think that Cape Breton people are uncharitable. I've always subjectively felt that given the state of the economy they seemed to give more than they really had to spare. But that might just be a patriotic feeling. It's nice to see those that have done so well in business giving back. And it's nice to see that families who struggle financially give what they can, when they can, despite having to pay the oil bills and keep food in the cabinets.

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