Petit-de-Grat Garden Farm Makes Food Fun

A Cape Breton duo wants to teach people about food and farming.  Xennie Wright and Ciaran Llachlan Leavitt, also known as The Girls with the Garden, are the owners of Pebble and Fern Market Garden farm on Petit de Grat.

The farm started as a personal garden but soon sprung into a popular gathering place after the pair brought their products to a market in Arichat.  People even started knocking on their door to buy fresh local food and preserves.

With just under an acre of cultivated land, Pebble and Fern also has fibre crafts, metalwork, and other kinds of homemade items.  Leavitt says people have fun there because of the welcoming atmosphere, and they learn about the local produce during their free guided tours.

The property, which also has a garden and play area for children, opens to the public in mid-May and closes at the end of the season with the last killing frost.

Find out more HERE.

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Barbara LeLievre Follow Me
Communities need more of this.....good work!

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