Plant Fall Bulbs For Spring Colour

Valerie Planetta

Hello, Garden Friends!


Summer flew by and fall seemed to rush in, but no matter. It’s back to “sweater weather” and our regular routines, as well as time for spreading lime on the lawn. Now is also a great time for planting late perennials, shrubs, and trees, and always — bulbs!  


There are plenty of beautiful colours to choose from in the bulb section of your favourite store. Always choose bulbs that are firm and, in the case of bulbs, size does matter! You want bulbs that are healthy and not small. The size of the bulb will dictate the size of the bloom for the first few years. 


If the bulbs you pick have a nice shell of peel or skin, you should leave it. Be sure to dig a hole at least three times the size of the bulb. I like to make a large dish-shaped hole, sprinkle in some bone meal and scratch it into the soil before planting the bulbs. 


Be sure the bulbs are anchored — a slight twist as you place them will do the trick. Cover with soil, water them well, and that’s it! You will be enjoying a flush of spring colour before you know it. But be aware that deer like to eat tulips, but not allium or daffodils, so choose your bulbs wisely, based upon your local deer population. 


Be sure to grab some beautiful bulbs and get your hands dirty!  I hope to see you all soon in the greenhouse for fresh wreaths. You can also check out our Facebook page for more great tips and ideas, as well as contests.

Valerie Planetta

Valerie’s Greenhouse


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