Planting Fall Bulbs For Spring Colours

Valerie Planetta

As we enter the Fall, I want to chat about planting those beautiful fall bulbs for blooms in the Spring.

Fall bulbs are available in many stores now. You can buy them by the bag-full or in singles. Whichever way you buy them, look for firm and healthy ones. The bigger the bulb, the better the chance they will survive and thrive.

Take tulips, for example. No need to peel that flaky outer skin off. Just be sure to plant them right-side-up. There is a pointy end and a flat end, and the point is the top!

Prepare the soil by digging a hole that is normally twice the size of the bulbs you are planting (approximately 8 inches). I like to make a dish-shaped hole and add in a spoonful of bone meal. Alternatively, you can use bulb boost. Scratch the fertilizer in well with your gardening fork.

Next, take your bulbs and place them about 3 fingers apart, so as not to be touching each other. Give them a twist, just like screwing in a lightbulb, so they are well anchored. Always plant in odd numbers, like three or five, in each hole.

Cover them up with soil and give them a pat down. Give them a good sprinkle of water, and that’s it! You will now have lovely Spring flowers to look forward to.

Note: There are critters that like munching on some bulbs, like tulips. They avoid others like daffodils, hyacinths, fritillaria, and alliums.  Also, blood meal around the garden is not only good for the plants, it keeps the critters away.

Happy planting and keep those hands dirty!

Valerie Planetta

Valerie’s Greenhouse

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