Preserving 200 year old community Special Place - St Barra

It is so sad that there are so many circumstances that have led to the current situation, including:
- decisions of the past, .
- challenges and realities of the present
- sins of the past, unrelated to this special place
- murky philosophy and objectives of a 2000 year old institution
and a 200+ year old deeply rooted commitment of faith to the land and buildings of this very special place.

SADLY it is unclear if the world of logic and legalize can provide support a positive outcome for St Barra.

HOWEVER the dedication of Wardens to preserve this special place as a community asset, an asset created, preserved, built and rebuilt a number of times by the efforts of the local community over 200 years needs to be applauded and supported. This is a real test of FAITH by the Wardens and their supporters.

Having sat through a few sessions with this dedicated and committed group ..all I can do a PRAY AND HOPE for a positive outcome...

This action is in part at the roots of what it means to be Christian.

It would be wonderful if in some little way the prayers were answered with a little divine intervention defining a path to reconciliation between Church, State and the generations of local efforts to keep this place special.

Best wishes and PRAYERS for the WARDENS!

See link below for full recent article.

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Church Wardens work hard to preserve a community asset built and rebuilt over last 200 years by local residents .
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