Radio Day 2021 - Raising Money For Cancer Care on October 7th!

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This year’s Radio Day, in support of cancer care here in Cape Breton, is to raise funds for a new Echocardiogram Machine for the Cape Breton Regional Hospital.
An echocardiogram, or echo, is an ultrasound that checks the structure and function of the heart and its valves. Cancer treatments, like chemotherapy and radiation therapy, can cause a variety of heart complications for patients. Echocardiogram machines help doctors determine what cancer treatments a patient’s heart can handle, and are taken before, during and after treatment to help identify and prevent major cardiac events.
There are currently 150 cancer patients who rely on the Cape Breton Cancer Centre daily, and more than 5,000 cardiovascular and cancer patients who need echos each year. This Radio Day, help support those who need it most, right here, at home.
On October 7, tune in to HOT 101.9 or New Country 103.5, and visit or call 1-877-567-8077 to give back.
Because You Care!

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