Report: German Nazis are buying up land in Cape Breton

"Germany’s largest weekly magazine Der Spiegel is reporting that a right-wing network of prominent Germans, including Eva Herman, a well-known former news presenter on German television, is setting up a colony of far-right radicals and ideologues in Canada, and they’ve been buying land in their chosen location — none other than Cape Breton Island."

Read the article at the Halifax Examiner

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dave finlay Follow Me
My Name is Dave Finlay I own D.Finlay Electrical this report is 100% fake news I know these people personally , they are genuine great all around people. To use the word Nazi is totally false . Der Spiegel should be ashamed of this nonsense . I have known these people for 15 years Dave Finlay
Mike Johnson Follow Me
It's also a V poor article from a paper that usually does good investigative reporting. The Halifax Examiner should be embarrassed.
Lloyd Allan MacPherson Follow Me
Someone might want to alert the National Post too:
jeanie panyszak Follow Me
no offense but why would people dismiss this information that at least 3 major newspapers and journalists confirmed. I don't know what is true or false either way but i think Canadians should find out vs dismiss because one person says it's fake news.
Joe Ward Follow Me
From what I've observed so far from a bunch of online chatter, I think there are two major contributors. The article itself—for such an important and concerning topic—was primarily a light summarization of the Der Spiegel coverage. Also, locals are very familiar with the idea that German investors have been buying properties in Cape Breton for a very long time—and some seem to believe that the suggestion is that the two groups are synonymous. This, of course, makes no sense. Based on the information in the articles, the Halifax Examiner referring to the group as "Nazis" wasn't substantiated. With that said, I've done some Googling regarding the individuals named. As known authors and media people in Germany, there are some things written about them in which some have tried to associate one of them with Nazi policy (specifically family structure/roles)—but this is *disputed* (and rejected) by the individual. There were also suggestions that some held views critical of post-war government structure; as well as some associations with conspiracy theories. If true, none of these things demonstrates that any of those mentioned are highly aligned with Nazi ideology (or at all), nor that they consider themselves to be a part of any such group. I think it's the responsibility of the national media now to do a very deep dive on this topic and report on the most accurate characterization of the parties identified possible. It's too concerning a topic to introduce it and then leave it to spark controversy without resolution. It will likely have to be the national media because I presume the parties named will take legal action, and the Halifax Examiner is likely too small of a media operation to take that on itself.
dave finlay Follow Me
well said
Lillian Dolomont Follow Me
Geeze, I wonder who led them down the garden path?

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