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Today, for the first time in 7 years (and 3 days), I went Geocaching. I was first introduced to this urban (and rural in some cases) treasure hunt by a friend. All around you there are caches hidden. Usually they contain a log book and sometimes various items depending on the size of the 'cache'.

Unfortunately, due to time and other outside circumastance, the cache I went to look for no longer exists. ( GC2YAN ). However it was only a short walk from my house (about 500 meters). And it was fun to get back into it again. During the process, while I didn't discovery the cache (looks as though it was run over by a lawn mower, with debris scattered about), I did find an extrodinarily unexected sight.

(image stylization provided by Google Photos)

The image above I took just off the road, the old stone retaining wall and everything in this culvert were totally unexpected. I have passed this area hundreds of times and never knew that such a beautiful spot was literally just feet from the road. This is why I enjoy Geocaching. This is why I love the opportunity to get out and see areas of this town, community and island that I pass every day and never realize that just feet away from me is a hidden treasure.

If you know of a hidden treasure here on the island, share it with folks. Or better yet, make it a Geocache. The community is extremely respectful of the environment and locations. Of hidden gems and history.

In the future I may write a more detailed post on what exactly Geocaching is, about the community that is involved with it and why it's a great hobby to have. I didn't realize until today just how much I missed the simple pleasures it can offer.

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My first attempt at Geocaching was a tremendous failure, and an overwhelming success.
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James MacKinnon Follow Me
Geocaching is such an awesome hobby, especially now that everyone has GPS in their phones. I think it really taps into the feeling of exploring and adventure of playing outside as kids, but now that we're adults we can use all of Cape Breton instead of the neighbourhood! I think it would be interesting to see the municipality embrace geocaching as tool to promote local history and help connect public green spaces. Having some tucked away caches dotted along Open Heart, Wentworth, the boardwalk etc. The geek in me could see it combined with things like QR codes or augmented reality app to supplement physical cache items with additional info/trivia about the cache location/area. Get out and explorer the island!
Matthew Butler My Post Follow Me
Well I have to give credit to some of the Geocacher's out there who do much the same thing. My next post that I'm working on (slowly) about Geocaching in general I am especially going to talk about my first cache which was memorable not because it was my first one, but because how much time and effort the individual made into the location and providing so much history about the location (one of the old mine sites in Glace Bay).
Joe Ward Follow Me
There is a young woman from UITStartups that was working on an app related to audio tours of an area or specific landmarks/attractions, etc. And I believe it was intended to have a crowdsourced aspect for getting the info into the app. Anyway - it might be something that could work in an interesting way for geocaching related stuff as well. I.e. audio messages at specific locations? Does anyone already do that? ;)
Mathew Georghiou Follow Me
I don't know about the UIT person you mention, but Darren Andrews at Map Master may be a fit too:
Joe Ward Follow Me
Found her. Her name is Emily MacLeod. I saw her present at a #startup pitching event at CBU, but I think she is with UIT as well:
Matthew Butler My Post Follow Me
I'm not sure specifically about geocaching related, but Google did some super interesting things with the Ingress and Field Trip apps. Basically Ingress is a (very lightly) augmented Reality game where sites of interest are used as game locations. The smart thing they did however was allow users to submit new sites (monuments etc). They then use that information to add to their separate Field Trip app which is designed to help provide information to tourists on different landmarks and places of interest.
Rory Andrews Follow Me
I once found an old Confederate cemetery practically carved into the back of a strip mall in rural Georgia while geocaching. Turns out the mall bought the property, began building, then the cemetery was designated a historical site in the middle of building. They literally built the mall around the cemetery and I would have never found it if I weren't following my GPS. If ever you thought there wasn't enough wonder or exploration in our modern lives, turn on your GPS, find some coordinates, and see what happens. Do you use your phone for navigation, or do you have a GPS unit?
Matthew Butler My Post Follow Me
Currently I'm using my phone. Originally I started with my Garmin GPS, but the fact is it's so old now that I can't connect it to my computer anymore (it uses a serial connection to the PC). Currently I'm using the c:geo app on Android. I'm still debating getting a dedicated GPS again.
Joe Ward Follow Me
I don't geocache, but I much prefer having a standalone GPS. Smartphones are annoying for that purpose. ;)
Rory Andrews Follow Me
I tried using my car GPS once, but it kept on telling me to get back on the highway.
Richard Lorway Follow Me
OK. I'm officially intrigued. How does one get started?
Matthew Butler My Post Follow Me
They hear about it from someone else first ;) Next you go to and create an account. Then search for caches near by (there a number within 500m of the office). Go to the spot indicated and search. A GPS helps a lot, but most phones now that's a given (you can get the app on iPhone or Android). Bring a pen to sign the log book. I plan on doing another post soon on how I got started and how others can too.

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