Rise and Follies: Episode 1 (1986)

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The first of three half-hour tv shows recorded at CBC Halifax in 1985.
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Alex Sample Follow Me
It great to hear comedy that does not have to be political correct and fun thank you for bast from the past.
Florence LeBrun Follow Me
So great to see this again.
Colleen Putt Follow Me
I remember the 'Follies' fondly. Every June I'd go to the show when it opened in Halifax and then tell all the jokes to my mom (a real Sydney Pier girl) when I went to visit her in Toronto. Then one summer they performed at the O'Keefe, and my mom and her sister got to see it in person! Byooteefull 'n' that, eh?
sharon Matthews Follow Me
awesome , hope there will be more episodes , I have some cassettes but love seeing the skits
Richard Lorway Follow Me
Episode 2 is now up: https://capebreton.lokol.me/rise-and-follies-episode-2-1986
Robert Coole Follow Me
I would like to know where I can find a copy or remake of the original rise and follies album where it has been transferred to a CD. Is there somewhere I can buy a copy. I have enjoyed it and used to love listening to it. Contact me at [email protected]. Thank you.
Richard Lorway Follow Me
Hi Robert: I remember it being on vinyl, but I have not seen it on CD. My next door neighbour was one of the producers, and I asked him if it had been transferred. He said not to his knowledge. So, garage sales? Kijiji? Not sure what your options are. Good luck!
Glenn MacLeod Follow Me
If love to see all of these.Each year if they are out there

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