Roasted To Perfection In St. Peter's

Did you ever wonder where the beans that make your favourite cup of coffee are roasted? Did you know that a local Cape Breton business roasts their own coffee beans right here on the island?

Melanie Gielen and her husband Chad Keen started their craft coffee roasting business in St. Peter’s almost 2 years ago. Fire & Stone Coffee Roasters produces small batches of fresh coffee beans to order. They use a range of beans from around the world, including organic and Fair Trade varieties.

Melanie started roasting her own coffee at home after she connected with a coffee roaster in Alberta. She perfected her process after experimenting with a variety of beans and different roasts. Melanie believes that craftsmanship and freshness is critical to creating a superior tasting coffee.

You can buy Fire & Stone’s coffee beans on the Cape Breton Food Hub online market, at the BaRyKin Bistro & Bakery in Port Hawkesbury, or by visiting their WEBSITE

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Small batch, fresh coffee beans made to order in Cape Breton!
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