Ron's Caricatures

Ron's Caricatures

I'm an experienced event/party caricature artist available in the Cape Breton area. I'll draw humorous caricatures of your guests at wedding receptions, all types of parties, reunions, safe grads, bar mitzvahs, street parties, etc.

A great keepsake of your event!

Caricatures can be personalized (bride and grooms name) or with your corporate/event logo.

Custom - studio - caricatures, make great gifts too. Drawn from photos, custom caricatures are full color, high detail hand illustrated and colored (11 X 14).

See samples of my live caricatures, studio caricatures and other artwork at

902-270-5937 h
902-304-6757 c

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Have a blast at your next event with personalized keepsakes. Caricatures by Ron.
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Candice MacKenzie Follow Me
I had asked Ron to do caricatures at my wedding August 2018 and I could not have been happier with his service. He accommodated everyone, he was polite and charming, and best of all his talent made so many smile! A dear friend had their 50th anniversary on the same date and they were able to take their caricature home to signify their beautiful day, and ours. You absolutely will not regret reaching out to this man! -C
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